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Why are lesbians fat

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She probably likes her personality or how she listens or talks about her feelings and all that shit, you know?

Fat women who cannot attract men are more likely to be lesbians. No, it's substantially higher. Big tits rip. Men who are not specifically attracted to these physical types and behaviors sometimes assume that because they lack interest, all men lack interest.

Lesbians are not more masculine than straight women, although they are less likely to feel pressure to conform to society's rules about gender roles and dress. I read where our tax money if funding a study to find out why this is. Why are lesbians fat. I've seen the "type" you are talking about but I wouldnt' say that's the majority. Oh, and that same study also found that anti-fat bias disproportionately affects women. You are currently logged in as.

Shudder Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: For some, this kind of vigilance is practically impossible to carry on forever. January 5, at 4: It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled. Unlike some responders, I think that a disproportionate number of women who look like the cliched "bull dyke" are probably lesbians.

I'm sure not all Republican are gun-toting religious fanatics, nor everyone in the South an illiterate Klansman. Free pics of girls pussy. Despite these limitations, our use of these population-based data was of great relevance.

In stark contrast, among men, heterosexual males have nearly double the risk of obesity compared to gay males. Furthermore, a study published in June of found that:. Why do we have a cultural stereotype of lesbians as shapeless, ugly, flannel wearing and butch? They could be straight Keeping all our little assumptions to ourselves so none of them are ever challenged is obviously the better course of action.

Millions of men are attracted to women of physically large body types. As long as this statistic is being touted as a scientifically proven fact, we have a problem. The major problem with this kind of generalization, imho, is that you're tying a characteristic that has had great pains in moving towards social irrelevance to a characteristic that is a pretty accepted social wrong.

But in every post, the same questions remained unasked: How can I tell? And I really don't think I missed anything major. Mon Feb 16, 3: Is it possible to respond to the original post by just saying "you know I think you're wrong, so far as I've seen, the incidence of fatness amongst lesbians seems just the same as amongst straight American women". I thought about myself. It's not about emphasizing the average; it's about celebrating the exceptional.

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The paper also suggested that young men should be "screened" to see if they are too preoccupied with their biceps.

Thus, the majority of lesbians are fat. Furthermore, a study published in June of found that:. Kate mara naked nude. Bears In the Streets: I think that stereotypes are useful. Like being publicly queer or trans, to be publicly and unapologetically fat is a political act. Journal of General Internal Medicine.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. I do not, however, apologize for calling you on what I think is a failed observation. As for Lesbians being fat, i can only comment on my experiances, and having been close freinds with a group of lesbians and gays i can say that proportionately lesbian woman are heavier than hetero women.

This page requires javascript. At best, this study and ones like it is a lackluster inquiry parading as a progressive public health initiative. Why are lesbians fat. Cute asian big tits. Once, as a gay man obs erving the female lesbian community, I often thought they were all awash in a sea of hormones: This section possibly contains original research.

Your assertion would only be interesting if there was any kind of empirical evidence that a significantly higher percentage of lesbian-identifying women was overweight than their hetero- or bisexual peers, controlling for age, socioeconomic class etc. Do lesbians really need to have short nails for sex? Crabbe has recently published a book about body positivity, that has yet to be published in the United States, called Body Positive Power [10].

And maybe some lesbians are self-accepting of their fat bodies as a conscious social and political resistance against the impositions of straight-female conditioning that privileges pleasing men over pleasing themselves.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. I have numerous lesbian and gay friends. Jun 23, Posts: Sep 18, Posts: No other results as to disparities between the obesity of lesbians versus straight women have been revealed. I came out as fat to myself about five years ago.

Geez, why are you so quick to bash lesbian fattening and yet keep saying that Americans are fat? Originally posted by oldskool: Why are so many blacks criminals? Worse, you're doing so without significant data.

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