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Political correctness is so bad.

Paige G - "I'll Leave" https: MoneyVanGogh - "Discovery Channel" https: After Krystyna finally gets word on whether or not her boyfriend is cool with her masturbating to other dudes and Corinne, while innocently trying to get an iced coffee, is greeted with the Harlem Boys Choir of getting pussy, the women of Sorry About Last Night sit down with this week's guest, Danny.

May 04 Just listen. Amy fowler naked. Music featured this week: In fact, some people don't even fucking believe her. Lilianna Wilde - "Girls" http: Feb 02 Just because a man is your boyfriend doesn't mean he can touch you any time he wants and just because a man is your father-in-law doesn't mean you have to hug him.

And while neither Corinne nor Krystyna can have sex with a dog in the room, both agree that men dressing in women's clothing turns them on. Krystyna hutchinson nude. The three talk Sexual Revolution, the lack of sexual education or any education for minorities in s NYC, what it's like to be part of the hottest underground abortion scene in town, the joys of masturbation, and the power of the mutha fuckin' pussy. The gang also tries to solve the mystery of where the fuck the fun has gone in comedy plus Corinne gives Joe some information about his reputation.

Moostache - "Hands Of Steel" https: Oh, and also they all take a rapid HIV test on-air. This week, Corinne took a solo trip to a comedy show to test her mental state and Krystyna recounts her obsession with someone she knew wasn't right for her.

The Fontains - "Playboys" http: He was most concerned with the media storm and attention winning the crown might bring. So, a girl and a guy walk into a sex club While Krystyna was rolling on Molly and getting a hand massage from a hot chick, Corinne was studying Super Bowl post-sex selfies and remembering why she initially instated her "No Fucking Celebrities" rule.

Perhaps send a text or Facebook message to the guy you used to mess with? Guys, much to Krystyna's delight, Corinne finally tried drugs.

Krystyna hutchinson nude

Our annual reminder to not be a sad sack of shit on Valentine's Day The ebb and flow of a long-term sexual relationship and what to do when ya got a small dick. Chris talk the O-M-Gs of masturbation including toys, frequency, safety, and shame.

Did he like it? Nov 04 You're cheating on your boyfriend with a married man. Korean I could teach you things you didn't think were possible ask khristina Vietnam vets are better in the bush Kristina doesn't know but I'd be more than glad to teach you Korean. Katee sackhoff nude pics. After revealing some below-the-belt secrets about her live-in boyfriend, Stephen yah, the one who used to date the porn starKrystyna has convinced him to be a guest on the show.

Sleeper SpaceBorn - "Grand Design" https: Meanwhile, Jim describes his perfect pussy hint: Beware, any who follow their advice. Follow Lizz on Twitter:

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During this episode, Krystyna is reminded why she wears baggy shirts, Howie announces his engagement and Corinne assures the listeners that she always feels good about herself. Alistair grew up in a very dogmatic sect of the Christian faith -- the only problem is We hear ya, girl.

Latewaves - "Face Down" https: She was appointed to this case and she took it.

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And there's a bunch of conflicting opinions on how to pronounce tinnitus so please don't write in with a correction unless you're an ear doctor. The milf list. Has your early 20s sex life gotten stale?

And, when the gals of SALN make a promise, they fucking keep it!! Krystyna reflects on her long-term relationship with boyfriend, Stephen, after celebrating their sixth anniversary. Sure, Tommy is a stripper, but he's also a PHD student, sex researcher and former rude bartender while Grant is the founder of the nonprofit organization Yoga Within Reach, Lead Tra iner for Marriage Equality, reason Corinne is not dead in a ditch a la Edgar Allan Poe and all-around saint.

Hello Delaware - "Black Cherries" http: W ant more episodes of GuysWeFucked in you life? Krystyna is celebrating 4 years since her first date with Stephen after which she called her mom to notify her she just dined with her future husband and Corinne reignited the fuck flame with a former bang buddy who now owns an apartment conveniently located by her fave comedy club because, you know, adulthood. I can swim and wake up always looking the same.

GURL, everybody farts in their sleep! If you're not with Planned Parenthood, you're fucking against them. This week, the chix of Sorry About Last Night welcome week's end already hungover.

One way to avoid running into him would be to tell your friend what happened and how it makes you feel dealing with the life you led before you transitioned. Mar 10 Your parents think you're a whore. Krystyna hutchinson nude. Jarflower - "Mates" https: Apr 10 Is our generation losing the ability to love? This week's guest is a pistol!

This week, after the girls answer fucker letters from a strong black woman who doesn't understand what white guys are more intimidated by -- the strong or the black -- and a self-proclaimed 'fat slut', they sit down with comic and ordained minister, MARIBETH MOONEY.

Corinne's emotional over an Instagram post, Krystyna has something weird above her butthole, and comedian BRENDAN SAGALOW stops by to talk about how his parents fucked him up, what it takes to have three women leave you for another man, opening the relationship to save it, and how fast he cums.

I understand someone rolling their eyes about politics, but it is a dangerous attitude because everyone needs to understand. Sex, pussy, jizz, 69, anal. Can you cum in the ass. Each contestant would also make personal statements and display their penis prowess through dancing, singing and speechmaking.

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I once lent some guy I was not even fucking my copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Shownever got it back, and now, over 10 years later, it still irritates me. Rio hamasaki lesbian. This week, the gals of Sorry About Last Night welcome comic, smarty pants, tall man, classically trained pianist, goddamn gentleman and umm huge GuysWeFucked fan -- OWEN BENJAMIN to talk regrettabl e things said during lovers' spats, the logistics of sex with a short person when you're a tall person, things really worth masturbating to probably not what you expectedand the rude questions people ask you when you're engaged to Christina Ricci.

What they DO need to know, however, is how the fuck do you shave something as seemingly delicate as a penis shaft?

On today's episode, Krystyna, Corinne and Stephen take a business field trip to the movie theater to see Fifty Shades of Grey. Krystyna hutchinson nude. Would you fuck yourself? Molly Mulshine Molly Mulshine is Galore's senior editor. This week, the women of S orry About Last Night welcome comedian JESSICA KIRSON to talk about how molestation can really put a damper on your fat camp experience, what a good sister does post "date" rape, compromise in a relationship, growing up with a therapist for a mom, anger, keeping things fresh with her wife and that dumb cunt Kim Davis.

Aug 04 So, your mom fucked your sugar daddy and your husband doesn't want to fuck you after you fucked your co-worker? Dec 30 A serious plea from Krystyna. Oct 03 Even after the success of her best friend's wedding, Corinne still thinks the idea of getting married is insane while Krystyna's period is making her and everyone around her go insane.

But that's only partially true.

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